Girl's favorite Christmas snacks gift actually just changed the packaging!

Christmas is coming soon. This is not only a day that congratuate the coming of the new year, but also a day when everyone gives gifts to each other and expresses mutual concern. The Christmas limited editions of various businesses will follow. How can you miss this great chance?

Christmas gifts, means surprises,means unique. Many brands will seize this opportunity to outline different Christmas moments though creative designs on the packaging. Here are some Christmas packaging that girls like, and maybe can inspire you.

1. Starbucks

Starbucks has been playing packaging marketing for many years, and this Christmas is no exception.

In 2020, Starbucks launched three Christmas drinks, namely Toffee Hazelnut Latte, Lava Black Mocha and Flowing Gold Christmas Tea Latte.

This year's Christmas mug incorporates snowflakes, stars, and fireworks into the design, bringing a strong Christmas atmosphere and full of childishness. With such a fresh and appropriate cup, everyone loves it.

In addition, Starbucks also launched a series of peripheral products such as keychains, Christmas pendants, Christmas pastries, etc. to meet people's diverse needs.

The changes in Starbucks packaging have met people's expectations for Christmas and increased user identity. It is believed that Starbucks' December turnover will show the marketing value of this packaging.


2. white lover

Shiroi Koibito is famous because of its romantic meaning,and in Christmas,it choose red as the theme and depict the Christmas carnival scene in the box. Surprisingly, the cookie packaging bag is also a special Christmas edition. This gift seems to come from Santa Claus.

3. M&M

M&M's packaging is always funny,and this year,to celebrate Christmas,the M&M's family put the Santa hats on the head.

Christmas is not only a holiday, but also a great time for every brand to advertise. The packaging for the occasion can not only reflect the fashion of the business, but also convey the sincerity of the business to the customer, increasing the customer's sense of identity.

Some people always say that only big brands need to take advantage of the situation to promote. In fact, festivals are great time for small brand promotion. In nowadays, Only good products with good publicity can play a multiplier role. Beyin packing can provide you with a variety of packaging bag design and production services to meet individual needs with good quality and service.

If you have not catch up Christmas,then don't miss the New year this great point.

Post time: Dec-21-2020

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