Company development

Development of Beyin Packing

Kazuo Paper and Plastic Packing Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 at the very begining, and named Xiongxian Shuangli Plastic Co., Ltd, which mainly traded tshirt bags at that time. After that, we established Beijing Shuangli Shuoda Plastic Co., Ltd. and we kept do trading of packing pouch for 10 years till we built our own factory and then established Xiongxian Juren Paper Plastic Packing Co., Ltd. in 2009. And during this, we offered plastic pouches for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, which was a great honour for us. As a manufacturer,we only focused on domestic trading at that time, and then with the trends, we found there are many chances from the international trading, so that we decided to get involved, then we set our own international trading department, and took part in 116th-118th Canton Fair, and achieved excellent results. We knew more and learnt more through international trading and different shows, and in order to expand our business, we established Hebei Ruika Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd.

We kept learning, getting and growing, till 2017 our government established Xiong’an New Area where our factory located. Then we met the biggest problem:survival or destruction. If we want to continue our business, we need to move our factory to another place, and that costs a lot, time, money, people, etc. While if we quit, that will be the easiest way but most irresponsible way, we dont know how to face our workers, sales and customers. After a long time suffering, we finally decided to continue. Luckily, the officials from Liaoning government attractbid forinvite investments, and we found each other, then we moved to Liaoning Province, and then built our new factory, and establish new company, thats Kazuo Beiyin Paper and Plastic Packing Co., Ltd. We only spent one year, only one year we built our new factory, which over 40,000 , 7 modern workshop.With the new factory,our production capacity couple times than before,and the work environment is more clean.

As the leading of other newly-moved companies, local officials often come and visit our company and give suggest how we can get a win-win situation. We get a lot of support from our government, and we repay a lot.

We believe that we will be better and better.